The Heads of Aristocratic Association of Slovakia
in post-communist countries

            The bloody-mindedness of communist totality – the product of intellectual primitivism, greediness, envy, malignance and brutality – over the time of 70 years erased from the minds of people the concept of the aristocracy and everything that relates to the honor, scrupulous moral, intellect, ethics, preferring the truth as well as incorruptible pride flowing from the aristocratic origin.
            The aristocracy cannot let people – members of nations freed of communistic tyranny and terror – to fall under the subjection of modern ”market slavery” and so to loose the faith, hope and illusion about the existence of the good and all traditional human values giving our lives the sense.
            Due to this reason, the aristocracy of post-communist countries must be again restored and brought to the life. It already has new objectives, tasks and duties towards the society as well as towards itself, which flow from its historical, ethical and also philosophical fundamental. It is more than time to start fulfilling them!

            Unlike the Western countries where the aristocracy remained unchanged and keeps its original administrative-professional structure (including the ownership of properties) up to now, the aristocracy of Eastern European countries is nowadays after the period of absolute destruction:

            As a result, the aristocracy as a class does not exist. Its administrative-professional structure does not exist and big part of archival and other written materials and documents is destroyed as well.
The situation with Czech aristocracy is totally different since in the period of the lack of freedom – i.e. during Nazi as well as communist tyranny – the aristocracy emigrated abroad and after its return after 1989, the majority of movable and immovable property was given back to them within the restitution. Therefore, it cannot be talk about the liquidation of economic foundation as well as about the physical and mental liquidation to such an extent as in our country. The need for restoration of the aristocratic class in Czech is given more from the point of the legislation as far as according to law it is forbidden to use here aristocratic titles
            It is for sure that the basic attribute of the aristocracy in Eastern Europe will not be material but mental fortune. It is necessary to fulfill the principle that the aristocracy is professional society of selected high-quality individuals due to their origin but mainly due to their education, actions and assertion in the society as well as due to adhering to highly moral-ethical principles in their lives. When restoring the aristocracy in our country as well as in the majority of post-communist countries, it is necessary to take into the consideration these actualities.

            The first step to the restoration of the aristocracy is the establishment of the Aristocratic Association of Slovakia.
AAS is international noble association, which worldwide conjugates the descendants of the hidalguia same as people from the rank of the intelligence – individuals with exceptional personality traits who are excited about the objectives of AAS and whose common activity primarily leads to the renaissance of the aristocratic thinking, restoration of traditional human moral and mental values and value criteria.
AAS as a tool of existing Princely Court is the unique foundation, on which it is necessary to build three things:

  1. to develop organizational-administrative apparatus linked to historical structure of aristocratic system. This apparatus in its further development will create for current conditions the specific system, parallel and compatible with administrative-professional system of Western aristocracy.

  2. to develop the criteria of the selection in the membership selection to restored aristocratic status so it is possible to separate ”the grain from the cockle”.
    In Western aristocracy there is this question absolutely irrelevant – improving the aristocratic origin is the only criterion – what is in fact not such a problem since this information were purposely transferred from generation to generation and are still kept alive.In Eastern aristocracy there is the restoration of aristocratic honor the most serious problem. The information flows about the origin were interrupted and the information was purposely destroyed. Media information is often non-renewable or unreachable. Oral passing of this information was interrupted by restrictions, criminal actions, sanctions, negative upbringing and propaganda, all-society activities, disparaging (the aristocrat = the enemy of the people), and etc. Due to the self-preservation, many people often changed their names. The whole generic lines were slaughtered. In many cases there was collaboration between persecuted nobility and communist regime and consequently, the aristocrats themselves started to actively destroy all information about their noble origin in order to ”improve their card origin”.

  1. to initiate the achievement of consensus, which would result in mutual acceptance and interconnection of administrative-professional principles and legal codex of western and restored eastern aristocracy. The structure and content of these principles and codex must be adapted to new conditions and tasks, which flow from new age. They must cover new philosophical fundamental of the reasoning of the aristocracy’s existence in current modern society. From the point of the societal development, it is the inevitability without which it would come to the stagnation or even gradual fall of western as well as eastern aristocracy.

            Thus, the restoration of the aristocracy in the countries of ”eastern block” must at the same time initiate the renaissance of whole aristocracy. It is unbearable if spiritual potential of the aristocracy remains unused by the society. The aristocracy has the genetic as well as spiritual fund necessary to regain its prominent post in the society and so to become beneficial for the society. This is the only way how the aristocracy will become needed for the society and how it can fulfill its new generous objectives.

Therefore, the restoration of moral and ethical foundation of the existence of the aristocracy must become the object of self-preservation, honor and saintly duty of whole aristocracy.

Bratislava, November 17, 1999


Prince Juraj Radziwill-Anoshkin
Head of AAS


(c) AZS 2006