Member-Intake Protocol
Information for Applicants for the Membership in AAS

            Within the frame of formal aspects of the membership, it is important to follow the Statute of AAS that includes details such as:

  1. to write an request,
  2. to write an curriculum vitae by typewriter or on the computer,
  3. to add own photography,
  4. to pay administration fees. The membership itself is payed after the positive acceptance by Aristocratic Council.

Details to particular conditions:
ad 1) An application - inevitebly written by hand - address to His Highness the Prince Juraj Radziwill-Anoshkin, the Head of AAS. (The text should start by the form of address such as "Your Highness".)

In an application there cannot be missing:

ad 2) The appendix to the application is the short curricullum vitae, written by typewriter or on the computer, where should be mentioned:

            While preparing the curriculum vitae you should keep in mind that it is the document mainly intended for your offspring who will then after the several generations have the autentical information about you.

            It is important to submit your application in person to the doyen of AAS or to the Head of AAS. The submission of the application must be followed by an personal interview (if possible).

Bratislava May 2002

(c) AZS, February 2004